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Celebrity Sex – A XXX Parody
Messica & Bony Homo (Not Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo) have a locker room “Blow” out!

A drunk Smell Fibsen (Not Mel Gibson) whips out his leathal weapon! “Thanks Sugar Tits!”

Spender & Heiny (Not Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag) far from the Hills – Young stars nightclub sexcapades!

Lamey Slimehouse (Not Amy Winehouse) – The Brit has a fit!

America’s favorite judges’ sexual tension – Cryin’ Seabass, Ball-A and Slimin’ Foul (Not Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell)

Oops! Titney Shears (Not Britney Spears) does it again!

Feminem & Linda Blowhand (Not Eminem & Lindsey Lohan) – Feminem’s dirty secret!!

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